remember Remember...

By: Conway Kangas

Remember friends on security details would pull off engine intake covers of F4s and sleep.

Remember one friend on mess duty got the rest of the day off for dunking his head in slop bucket. They used to live the garbage cans to pig farmers that drive up to the mess hall.

Remember the Marine Corps Birthday and commander of base giving out glasses of champagne and someone asked what if someone does not drink and he said they will drink to the Marine Corps.

During IG inspections the little shack at end of runway held items we couldn't have. Tools and such.

During PT someone on opposite shift would drive around and the slow ones would jump on the bumper and ride for a while and then take off pretty good.

The chigger bugs kept us from going to the water or ocean on base.

Use to pour gallons of Trichlorotrifluoroethane on each other or in panels to clean hydraulic fluid from plane.

Plane wash was great on weekends.

The barrack inspections were Saturday morning and us having to be back at work Sunday night.

Remember one corporal on his last day got barracks duty and was in t-shirt with uniform shirt. Drinking beer. Not his last day as he got 90 more.

Went over to Parris Island and the corporal yelled at all of us for talking in formation at the riffle range and told us this was grunt side not airing. Swing with the wing. I yelled not to come to wing side. He asked who said that and I yelled were not supposed to talk in formation and our little formation busted up with laughter and the grunt walked off shaking his head.

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From World War II to Operation Desert Storm. The "Fighting Shamrocks" from VMSB to VMFA have served and sacrificed gallantly every time it has been called upon. From the cold inside the Artic Circle at Bodo Norway to the heat and dirt of Balıkesir Turkey. Shamrocks have left their mark.

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