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yuma-gate Yuma NCO Club

By: Conway Kangas

We were in Yuma Az and decided to get drunk as usual.

Went from barracks to NCO club. No shirts and white shoes polish for tennis shoes but us four done up like Adams and the ants. Someone wrote something on my back.

Next thing we're at the club and it's closed but things got said between us and others. Next thing I know I am in my room and hear a commotion in the hall and the other three are getting arrested and of course I went out and joined the arrest party and they put us in the car and did a semicircle as the police or MP shack was on the other side of the road. Slapping us with charges.

There was no fighting just verbal abuse and we're in the cell acting stupid and they said if we keep it up, they would put handcuffs on us. So we did, and they did. We tightened those cuffs to make it look like abuse and so we lost feeling in our hands. Finally, one of us had to pee and friends' having real friendship showed up as one helped the other so his pants were open enough to pee. Then we were allowed to mop the cell and back in we went.

The police chatter was a big guy getting arrested and we were in the only cell, already crowded but the fella was friendly enough. Someone made a comment how the SgtMaj would not come get us. Some wrong things were said and he was right outside our cell. Next morning we were returning back to Beaufort and had the fastest office hours and. conviction in USMC history in front of the ready room and all invited. Thinking we were getting off for being stupid but lost stripes for the bunch of us.

Next deployment, one of the group was talking to others and they asked if he heard about the club in Yuma where guys dressed as KKK ran through the club yelling and screaming. And that was what happened the night before deployment was over. 

Yuma had good nachos and cheese with jalapenos on the flight line.

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