Story of the U-Joint

1973 Triumph TR6 for sale in Romford, Essex, United Kingdom

By: Mauro Iasparri

Gunny Yarborough... Here's another story. Gunny Yarborough. Seems the last two stories I have shared revolve around cars. LOL... Well, Here's another one.

My TR6 is making a noise. I talk with Gunny Yarborough about it. When I first bought the car Gunny liked it and we talked about it. If memory serves me, he had a Datsun 240Z or a 260Z at his house he was working on.

Back to the noise. Gunny gets in and drives a little bit and nods his head and has a smile on his face and says I know what it is. Upon further inspection her confirms it is the Universal joint. He tells me go buy the part and come by my house and WE can fix it. So, we agree to meet at his house on the next day. I bought the new part and arrive at his house. He says pull up over there and jack up the car. He has a dirt driveway. I had one of those scissor jacks so I had to get a block of 2x6 or something like that to put the jack on so it didn't sink too far into the dirt...LOL. About three blocks of wood later the car was finally in the air...He gets down on the ground tells me, "You see that right there, That's the drive shaft and the universal joint is right there you have to take off them there bolts and take the drive shaft out". 

Beat'em With a Stick

night-stick Blog

By: Chaplain Tony Woconish

Another Top Corvo story: About 1979-80’ Top asked me to transport and guard the Security Avionics Box for the next deployment. “Sure Top, no problem, I said.” Then I asked for a pistol. He said “No, it’s not TOP-SECRET MATERIAL.” He then reaches over for the NATOPS Manual on his desk. (Top knew the manual better than a Sunday School Teacher knows the Bible) Goes directly to that subject and shows me…” you only get a night stick.” Then proceeds to hand me a night stick and says, “beat them off with a night stick, and if you get overrun, burn the material.” as he flips me a package of green military matches…” Thanks Top.” SEMPER FI

PS: I still have the night stick and matches to this day.


remember Blog

By: Conway Kangas

Remember friends on security details would pull off engine intake covers of F4s and sleep.

Remember one friend on mess duty got the rest of the day off for dunking his head in slop bucket. They used to live the garbage cans to pig farmers that drive up to the mess hall.

Remember the Marine Corps Birthday and commander of base giving out glasses of champagne and someone asked what if someone does not drink and he said they will drink to the Marine Corps.

During IG inspections the little shack at end of runway held items we couldn't have. Tools and such.

Yuma NCO Club

yuma-gate Blog

By: Conway Kangas

We were in Yuma Az and decided to get drunk as usual.

Went from barracks to NCO club. No shirts and white shoes polish for tennis shoes but us four done up like Adams and the ants. Someone wrote something on my back.

Next thing we're at the club and it's closed but things got said between us and others. Next thing I know I am in my room and hear a commotion in the hall and the other three are getting arrested and of course I went out and joined the arrest party and they put us in the car and did a semicircle as the police or MP shack was on the other side of the road. Slapping us with charges.

Report To My Office!

di Blog

By: Mike Sexton

Well, this isn’t a Trip Trey story but it’s a good one.

I was sitting in my office at VMFAT 203 Cherry Point as the MCO and the Sgt Maj called and said he had a Gunny he wanted to send to Maintenance Control. I said send him down. He came down and introduced himself as Gunny Tippett. I said you look familiar, and we went thru the process of where you were. Here or there and we didn’t figure out where we knew each other.

But I went home and started looking thru my cruise books and no luck. The last one I looked at was my boot camp book and guess what. Bingo Cpl Tippett. He was the one that use to beat the shit out of us.

The Case of the Key

car-keys Blog

By: Lance Clayton

When I was in 333. About 1974 or ‘75. I was in Power plants. There was a Corporal in power plants, Rich Parker was his name. He did not make the med cruise with us.

Well, on a Saturday he had barracks duty. I lived in the barracks at that time. The old barracks next to the chow hall. Another Marine we both knew asked Rich if he could borrow his car to go to McDonald’s Rich gave him his keys, told him it was the black over white ‘64 Oldsmobile.

And off he goes to McDonald’s when he comes back, we are in the duty hut, and he looks out the window and sees MPs around a car dusting it for fingerprints. He asked Rich what the MPs are doing with his car. Rich looks out the window and says that's not his car. The other Marine says that was the car he drove.

Top Corvo's Missing Chrysler

missing car

By: Mauro Iasparri

Here is another story from back in the day involving Top Corvo, Gunny Clapsaddle and of course ME.

Once upon a Time…. Just kidding…. Ok, so, I break my ankle and have a cast cannot drive my TR6 as it is a manual trans. One day I have to get to the hospital for getting X-rays and hopefully having the cast removed and I need a ride. Gunny Clapsaddle tosses me the keys to his vehicle and tells me it is the Chrysler out in the front parking lot. I go out, see the Chrysler put the key in the door, start it up and off I go to the Hospital.

Several hours later I get back to the Hangar give Gunny back his keys and thank him. There was a little to do going on so I ask what was happening.

I Need a Tire

car lift 2

By: Mauro Iasparri

I can remember a time. The person I am going to mention may remember this. It was definitely in his younger days of I guess his hobby of Power Lifting.


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