Pay and Benefits

Marine Corps Times News Feed
  1. Members of the military who are pregnant lack options when it comes to giving birth. That might be changing, but challenges persist.
  2. Are concerns about moving companies' new payment rates causing "unfounded angst," as USTRANSCOM contends?
  3. Paychecks to troops could be delayed next month unless lawmakers pass measures to guarantee military pay.
  4. Inpatient care and acute and emergency outpatient care in DoD medical facilities would be immune from a shutdown.
  5. Senate Democratic leaders and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., face a looming Oct. 1 deadline to avoid a government shutdown
  6. Lawmakers are warning that a political budget fight could have severe financial consequences for troops and their dependents.
  7. 'We really need to be focused on access to firearms' by young children.
  8. Increase in rates for Tricare Young Adult Prime is especially stunning, one advocate says.
  9. Some troops could lose accrued leave after Sept. 30.
  10. Baby products, toilet paper, cleaning products, pet food, and more will be offered at extra savings at commissaries in September.


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