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  1. The breach wasn't an act of terrorism, according to a Marine spokesman.
  2. Crimea has served as the key hub supporting Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
  3. The first- and second-place winning pilots likely crashed at the National Air Race Championships, possibly because of a blind spot, glare or loss of focus.
  4. Members of the military who are pregnant lack options when it comes to giving birth. That might be changing, but challenges persist.
  5. Are concerns about moving companies' new payment rates causing "unfounded angst," as USTRANSCOM contends?
  6. Two soldiers have accused the Army of negligence in a sprawling sexual abuse scandal. A decades-old court ruling stands in their way.
  7. A lack of military involvement will slow U.S. progress in the race to the moon and place at risk national security, scientific and economic interests.
  8. Listen to a Marine pilot call 911 after ejecting from his F-35 and landing in a rural neighborhood.
  9. The Air Force’s 86th Airlift Wing flew a C-130 airlift mission to bring 13 metric tons of supplies to flood-stricken Libya.
  10. The money was designed to help retain employees with in-demand skills but was awarded improperly to 170 senior officials.


From World War II to Operation Desert Storm. The "Fighting Shamrocks" from VMSB to VMFA have served and sacrificed gallantly every time it has been called upon. From the cold inside the Artic Circle at Bodo Norway to the heat and dirt of Balıkesir Turkey. Shamrocks have left their mark.


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