Beat'em With a Stick

night-stick Beat'em With a Stick

By: Chaplain Tony Woconish

Another Top Corvo story: About 1979-80’ Top asked me to transport and guard the Security Avionics Box for the next deployment. “Sure Top, no problem, I said.” Then I asked for a pistol. He said “No, it’s not TOP-SECRET MATERIAL.” He then reaches over for the NATOPS Manual on his desk. (Top knew the manual better than a Sunday School Teacher knows the Bible) Goes directly to that subject and shows me…” you only get a night stick.” Then proceeds to hand me a night stick and says, “beat them off with a night stick, and if you get overrun, burn the material.” as he flips me a package of green military matches…” Thanks Top.” SEMPER FI

PS: I still have the night stick and matches to this day.


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